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    mgmt-vmware restart script does not complete

    You lost connection to the ESX 3,5 host using the vmware infrastructure client.
    Now you want to restart the management agent to get it up and running again.
    But for some reason the command “service mgmt-vmware restart” does not complete.
    Restarting the host and its local running virtual servers is not an option, so what do you do.

    Try this:
    service pegasus stop
    service mgmt-vmware stop
    These commands may take some minutes.

    ps -e f |grep vmware-watchdog
    ps -e f |grep mgmt

    Kill all processes you find:
    kill -9 processid

    Start the services (wait two minuets):
    service mgmt-vmware start; sleep 1; service pegasus start

    If it does not work try this instead:
    service pegasus stop; service mgmt-vmware stop; sleep 30; service mgmt-vmware start; service pegasus start

    service network restart.

    vmware has a KB about this issue regerding:
    mgmt-vmware restart script might not finish restarting the hostd
    mgmt-vmware restart script does not finish restart the hostd.
    The script gets stuck when stopping the service.
    The SSH session to the ESX host becomes unresponsive.

    KB ID: 1005566