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    Set GroupOwner in Proftpd

    Configuring SSL on Debian nginx

    Disable greylisting – emails from Office 365

    Remove specific recipient email from postfix queue

    Extend /var – EFA/ESVA disk

    Find all files older then…

    Search text inside files

    Stop Exim if a lage number of emails are in the queue

    Synology – Speedup RAID rebuild time

    Joomla filesystem permissions and setup ProFTPd

    Force files to download instead of opening – Apache

    ProFTP – set group owner on uploaded files

    Service unavailable; Client host [xx.xx.xx.xx] blocked using zen.spamhaus.org – fase positive

    kernel: lnc0: Missed packet — no receive buffer – VMware BSD and or monowall

    Add mime type in htaccess

    Mysql process sleep – wait_timeout

    htaccess – Allow from IP

    scheduled job in debian – crontab

    Synology – set duplex and speed

    iptables on linksys WRT54G – add FTP and RDP rule

    There are problems with the signature – Click the signature button for details

    ESVA – Change SSL certificate

    ESVA customization

    Shell command in monowall upon boot

    Remove the Debian copyright message

    Install vmware-tools in debian

    SSL in Debian Etch

    Recover GRUB on Debian after (re)installing Windows

    Small usefull Linux commands

    /etc/network/interfaces configuration example