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    Upgrade Virtual Hardware hangs

    If you migrade VM’s from ESX2,5 to ESX3,5 you have to upgrade the virtual hardware.
    If this process hangs it could have something to do with the old virtual hardware.

    A mounted floppy image on the old server could course the problem when upgrading the virtual hardware on the new host. The upgrade process can not be cancelled in the GUI so what do you do?

    First, stop the hanged job by restarting this two services:

    service vmware-vpxa restart
    service mgmt-vmware restart

    Then remove the VM from the inventory.

    Edit the VM’s configuration by hand:
    Set the floppy to false
    floppy0.present = “false”

    Disable other floppy properties
    # floppy0.startConnected = “false”
    # floppy0.fileName = “/div/vmscsi-”

    Now re-add the VM to the inventory

    Try to upgrade the virtual hardware now, it should work now.

    How to avoid this to happen in the first place:
    On the old ESX2,5 remember to remove floppydrives BEFORE migrating the VM to a new ESX3,5.